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by Dumb

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released May 10, 2013



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Dumb Palma De Mallorca, Spain

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Track Name: Middle Man
Break everything in your pass, up, down.
And make an outburst of emotions,
the middle man is sick of all

I'm back inside of foolishness
Just talk to me, talk to me and
adore everybody that means alliens
just talk to them, talk to them and adore

the waves that never stops and takes me to the end
I'm a creep I'm only crap
Out from tricks, everything
is on my bed, I feel it all

Goes back inside of foolishness
Just talk to me, talk to me and adore
everybody means
Track Name: Mr. Master
Lies of masters
Lies of morphine
We're the master of Mr

Master of our heads
Our hands and our steps

I've never thought that I would go so far from this
valley of emotions, proofs, love and peace
I only want to embrace what is good for me.
Track Name: London Song
God, sun's even brighter
Oh no, It is blinding me

That's good
It's good when I'm flying
that's good for me
nobody can chase me

Except you,
you're hidden inside of me
that's good, good, good
sun's even brighter

Now, you're giving me power
that's good for me
the sun shines now
Track Name: Killer Stick
Believe in something
Believe in something
Believe in something
(The end)

Some child keeps trying

All we've got is all they need
We are master killers, lords of pain
What they want, what they need
It's us to let them free
Track Name: Death Panther
Thinking upon the stars
I can see you all bleeding
why are you still there?

Blasted the man who shouts
waisting his time trying to betray us,